The newest type of towbar is the turnable towbar. This one has the same advantages as the detachable towbar. Moreover, you do not need to keep a loose ball cap in your trunk, because the cap turns away behind the bumper! The brink MX turnable towbar can be mounted within the same amount of time as a fixed towbar! That means no extra costs.

Innovation is progress

From this standpoint, Brink developed their newest product: the turnable towbar. This towbar system allows the users to remove the ball cap out of sight and at the same time have acces to the towbar at all times.


In stored position, nothing indicates the presence of a towbar,  while their owners still experience the convenience of it. With a simple hand motion, the towbar is set and ready to use. The turnable towbar is therefor easy to handle, and stands for design and quality. Because the plug plate is also removable, the towbar is entirely removed out of sight.

Brink Mx 9545506
  • Invisibly stored behind bumper (Not suitable for all models!)
  • Space-saving design
  • Lightweight because of high-strength steel
  • Cold-forming process to ensure durability
  • Towbar always available, without removing luggage
  • Locking and signaling for safe use integrated in a single knob
  • Lifelong protection due to Teflon coating

Safety: Audible and visible lock,  same strenght as fixed towbar,  towball always connected to module,  maximum towing weight and nose load.