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The Mirror Bright Polish Company is founded in 1901 by Frank Meguiar, Jr. he wanted the finish that gave its products to wood furniture perfect for the newly introduced automobile. That passion for perfection exists today in the year 2017, still. That is why we are proud to introduce the Meguiar's Mirror Bright line in 2017. A line with special composite products containing protect and take care of the car. Developed from a passion that 1901 was created and perfected with more than 110 years of experience, research and development. 


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Mirror Bright Automobile Shampoo

  • Mirror Bright automobile Shampoo is suitable for all a car paints, making use of experience caused by 110 years of research and development.
  • Our rich formula carnauba milk contains not only makes it possible to clean the car, but also to waxing while washing.
  • This wash & wax shampoo is recommended for regular washes and is the perfect product in combination with Mirror Bright Polishing Wax to your car to make it shine.

MB0148= 19.99€

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Mirror Bright Wheel Cleaner

  • Mirror Bright is a perfect and safe choice for cleaning all types of rims.
  • A strong and mild cleaning, thanks to the use of a pH gebaalanceerde formula and a special ingredient that brake dust and iron residue dissolved.
  • Perfect to use on chrome, aluminum, polished and gelkate wheels (unpainted). Can also be used on the rims of engines.

MB0552= 15.99€


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Mirror Bright Polishing Wax

  • Mirror Bright Polishing Wax contains a mild polish painted surfaces on which a maximum shine, color depth, and speigelglans up.
  • It contains a blend of natural and synthetic ingredients making it an excellent wax protection provides that the gloss for the lacquer sealed.
  • Safe for all glossy lacquers, such as clear varnish, metallic paint and unilak without clear coat.

MB0214= 26.99€

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Mirror Bright Detailing Spray

  • Mirror Bright Detailing Spray cleans both the Interior and the exterior of the car in a mild way.
  • Our non-abrasive formula is safe to use on all paints such as metallic, matte lacquer and unilak.
  • Perfect for vogelpeop and other light pollution to remove fresh between washings.
  • By Mirror Bright Detaling Spray is ideal for use as interior detailer to interior parts such as dashboard, LCD screens etc. to clean without an artificial shine.

MB0322= 16.99€

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Mirror Bright Leather Lotion

  • Mirror Bright Leather Lotion cleans, nourishes and protects leather in one simple step.
  • Gentle cleansing ingredients remove dirt that has built up in the course of time.
  • Cocoa butter, jojoba oil and Aloe conditioner and nourishing components let a soft and supple look & feel behind.
  • UV protection prevents solar radiation damage and ensures that learning good remains.

With Mirror Bright Leather Lotion we make it easy to learn for the ' skin ' of the car to take care of it!


MB0414= 15.99