Thule Go Pack Set 8006

800200 Thule Gopack Inbox Oc Black 5 300x225

Go Pack Set 8006: set of four, with three thule packs 8002 and one Thule go-pack Nose 8001. With perfect fitform for your Thule rooftrunk.  

Also available separately:

Go Pack 8001:  Special shape to make full use of the smaller space at the front of the trunk. protective rubber pads in the corners; shoulder straps and handles to take it easy and comfortable.

Size: 61x42x28cm

Go Pack 8002:  Size: 61x33x31cm

Multilift 572:


The perfect way to store a rooftrunk. Works equally well for kayaks and surfboards.


Box light 6951:



Thule Box Ski Carrier Adapter 694-5:

For safe and secure transport of your skis in a roof trunk

Box lid cover 6981 / 6982 / 6983:


Lid cover to protect the box from dust and scratches during storage.