The smartest external chain for passenger cars

  • Suited for all passenger cars- no space is taken up behind the wheel.
  • Mounted on the orininal nuts/bolts -of the wheel (not the anti-theft bolt).
  • Innovative rattelsystem that amplifies the power and ensures an effortless transportation.
  • Tension springs reduce the centrifugal forces at higher speeds and allows for a perfect fit on  different types of tires.
  • Snowchain with variating special injection-molded plastic plates with hard metal buttons and steel chains of a special coating.
  • Welded plates will provide better grip and performance on ice and snow.
  • Foldable components so you can store everything easily in a stylish bag.
  • No contact with aluminium rims.
Konig Ksummit Oblique Main 2
Konig Ksummit Front Main 2
Ksummit Ratchet Main 2
Ksummit Plate Main 3