Backpacks and Duffels

Thule Crossover 32L Back Pack-Black:
(851200 - TCBP-217)

Thule Crossover 17' BackPack-Black of Dark Blue
(851200/851300 - TCBP-117)

Thule Crossover 13' Sling Pack - Black of Dark Blue
(851800/851600 - TCSP-1)

Thule Crossover 40L Duffel Pack - Black of Dark Blue
( 852800/852500 - TCDP-1)

Koffers en Duffeltassen: Sturdy bags for stylish travel. 

Thule Crossover 22L Rolling Trolley Black (TCRU-122)

Thule Crossover 38L Rolling Carry-On Black of Dark Blue (852000/851900 - TCRU-1-115)

Thule Crossover-reistas 22L of 38L:

What is the best to travel with? A trolleybag or a backpack? With the storable, cool mesh-shoulderbands of this unique upstanding hybrid bag, the answer doesn't even matter.

Thule Crossover 56l Trolley Duffel

Thule Crossover 56L Rolling Duffel Black of Dark Blue
(852100/852200 - TCRD-1)

Thule Crossover 87L Rolling Duffel Black of Dark Blue (852300/852400 - TCRD-2)

Thule Crossover 56L of 87L trolley duffel

Large travel bag with a wide opening to easily store helmets, boots, gloves, jackets and other travel essentials.