When purchasing a new set of Winter tyres, Autocenter De Rudder will store your set of summer tyres during the winter seasons. The same is also done during the summer seasons.


The preservation of the tyres in our hotel, is done under the most ideal circumstances within a well-ventilated area: cool, dark and stacked vertical in tire tracks. 


There are two possibilities or options :


  1. Tyres are stocked separately without rims . During the tyre exchange, the tyres need to be re-assembled nd rebalanced with the original rims.
  2. Tyres are stocked with rims. In this case, during tire exchange it is only necessary to dismount the wheels from the vehicle. We a full cleaning of the aluminium rims before these are stocked.


Thanks to our qualitative organisation, the tyres will receive an electronic label that states the name, number plate, tyre brand and quality information.



Pricelist of tyre Hotel and option of ultrasoon cleaning:

-Price of storing tyres/rims during +/- 6 months:

Stockage for 4 tyres and/or rims: 38€ tax incl.

-Price for full option cleaning off 4 wheels: 20€


  • De Appointment can be made via our website online, where you can choose the date and time you desire.
  • Tyres are insured and receive an additional inspection.
  • Tyreservice.be The customer website of Autocenter De Rudder for information and our webshop.
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Ultrasonic  cleaning of tyres and rims

The tyres and aluminium rims are cleaned with ultrasonic technology. The vibrations in 50°c heated water ensure that dirt in the smallest corners is removed with ease. After the ultrasonic cleaning, the rims receive a light protective coating to prevent corrosion and rust.

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