Does your car edge to the left or to the right when you let go of the steering wheel on a straight road? = Alignment

Alignment means that the front-and backsuspension parts are adjusted in a symmetrical straight way. The aligment can change everytime you hit a curb or drive over a pothole. Every time your car bumps into something, the alignment can suddenly change.The aignment of a vehicle has an impact on the fuel usage, tyre wear and handling of the car. In short the alignment has an impact on the service life of your tires and the handling of your car.


Did you know?

  • A correctly alligned car will drive more comfortable.w
  • Warning! Aligning a car is not the same as balancing a car. 
  • Balancing your car will ensure it doesn't start shaking at high speeds. 
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Are you suffering from a shaking steer wheel? = Balancing

During the balancing of a wheel, the tyre and rim are being synchronised. This process will ensure that the wheels around the perimeter are equally heavy, which will improve driving comfort. Moreover, The road contact of your car will increase so you will aoid additional wear. When mounting a new tire on a rim, this process in necessary.

In case you are suffering of a shaking steer wheel, the cause might be unbalanced wheels. Depending on the size of inbalance, the complaints might variate from light shaking to severe shaking. In addition, balancing is always necessary when applying new tyres to a rim, regardless of new or old tyres.

The balaning of the wheels is done with a highly  professional device in which the wheel is brought up to speed. during this process, the device can detect where the problem is exactly located. By placing or hammering small lobs to the rim, the technician is able to correct the imbalance so that the wheel remains balanced at all speeds. The hub of the car, on which the wheel is placed, has already been balanced enough in the facory, so it is only necessary to balance the wheels.

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