Snow chains

Snow chains tire chains provide extra grip and storng safety on snowy and icy roads, where even snow tires. In many winter sports resorts applies in certain circumstances, an obligation to use snow chains. A bue sign with a snow chain around them the obligation to. 

No replacement for winter tires

Snow chains are not suitable for normal dry roads and can therefore not replace winter tires. On mountain roads it can in addition still needed or even obliged to mount snow chains.
Snow chains must be mounted on the driving wheels. On four wheel drive cars they can usually best to the front wheels, but best check your what is described in the instruction booklet of the car.
 When one summer tyres is, moreover, so that one for longer journeys is compulsory in the suitcase to carry snow chains. 
For vehicles with snow chains is the recommended maximum speed 50 km/h. 
(Information source and image: Continental)


Bord Sneeuwkettingen 2

The obligation to use chains on certain roads is indicated by a special road sign (see opposite).
The rule is effective  in the Alps (France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria) as well as in many other countries where driving on some roads can be dangerous as in Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland ...
In Norway, Sweden and Finland it is sufficient that one snow chains on board so that it can be mounted if it is necessary.

If you are in breach of the obligation is there a risk to fine or even fellow liability in an accident.