From November 2012, a standard label was mandatory in the whole EU. On a basis of 3 criteria, the EU-tyrelabel informs about the aspects of a tire based off safety an ecology.

European tyre label


Tyre label

The European tyrelabel tests a tyre on it's rolling resistance, grip on wet roadwy and exterior sound level. During the development of a tyre, multiple aspects play a role in the quality of the tyre. These 3 important aspets however, provide a general idea of the overal quality.

Rolling resistance/ fuel usage

a lower rolling resistance saves up fuel. The values A down to G provide a from low-to-high on the fuel usage (A low-G high).

Grip on wet roadway / brake performance

In the categorie 'grip on wet roadway', the evaluation A to G shows an estimationof the brake distance. A scaling very short and G very long.  

Exterior soundlevel

The exterior sound level is measured in decibel, divided in 3 klasses. Tyres with a low soundproduction produce less noise.

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In following ways we communicate to you as a customer the European tyre labels:

  • Via our tyre webshop
  • On our sales bills
  • At the reception by one of our Co-workers