Summer Tires

During the spring and summer months, when the temperature is at its highestwe recommend installing traditional summer tiressummer tires have a smoother profile and a harder rubbercompound, beause of this, the resistance is smaller than tires with a winter profile. This reduces tje fuel usage by a significant amount! A summer tire also produces less soundwhile driving; a not overlooked aspect on the EU-Label.


  • Replace when ccording to tire specialist?

All car tires have a minimal profile depth of 1.6mm. However, we recommend changing summer tires at minimum 2mm.  


Winter Tires

If the average temperature decreases below 7°C, car tires will start to behave different. The synthetic rubber from a "normal" summer tire wwill become harder at this average temperature. The hard rubber from he sumer tire results in worse contact with the roadway and faster loss of quality. Winter tires have a different composition and deeper grooves and lamellae, which results in a better grip and shorter break distances when driving in winter conditions such as: Rain, snow and ice.


The 3 most important aspects:

- The compositiong of the soft rubber; which keeps them softer during the cold.

- The profile; the surface is much deeper and finer. This is better for an uneven track and roughing out on snow and ice.

-The cheek of the tire: The structure makes sure that the weight displacement and additional physical forces are evenly distributed from the vehicle, onto the surface of the tires.


  • Replace when according to tire specialist?

Regarding the importance of the winterprofile, we recommend replacing at a profile depth of minimum 3mm per tire.

All season Tires

The tires perform considerably much better during winter conditions than traditional summer tires.


The 4-season tires or all-season tires form a combination of the most important aspects from both winter- and summer tires. naturally, car tires can't be fully optimised for both seasons and the end result forms a compromise.
Whenever you choose for a 4-seasns tire, you hve to hand in something on both sides. However, the newest generation of the type of tires has evolved tremendously. Think of the new goodyear vector, Vredestein quatra and Michelin CrossClimate.


  • Replace when according to tire specialist?

During the spring and summer months, a 4-season tire needs to be replaced at a minimum profile of 2mm, just like summer tires. However, a 4-season tire during the winter is not safe anymore starting a 3mm!




Goodyear Efficientgrip Compact Highres 65089

Summer tyre

Goodyear EfficientgripCompact

Goodyear Ultragrip Performance Tire Shots Highres 75549

Winter tyre

Goodyear UltragripPerformance

Goodyear Vector 4seasons Suv Highres 65167

All season

Goodyear VectorAllSeasons


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